Supply fastener, nuts, bolts, screws, hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, flange nuts, cap nuts, lock nuts, t-nuts, couple nuts, hex bolts, hexagon bolts, carriage bolts, u bolts, hanger bolts, threaded rods, cap screws, wood screws, concrete screws and more.

China Yinmao Fasteners: Manufacturer and exporter of fasteners include bolts, nuts, screws, hex bolts, hex nuts, flat washer and all kinds of standard components and Non-standards. The company occupies 12500 square meter.Now it has more than 100 punching machines of sereral types.The standards can be German standard,U.S.A standard,U.K standard, Australia standard, Japan standard and China standard. The annual output is 10000 tons, 100%of them are exported and selled to Europe and America, east-south Asia, almost all of our products are welcomed by our customers.Our company has more than 20 tec